We made it!

I remember the day a national lockdown was announced. We were in shock and/or disbelief over this virus that had been declared a pandemic worthy of lockdowns all over the world. Remember lockdown here was initially 6 weeks and well, that turned to months. We were on lockdown for most of the year. Something none of us had foreseen.

2020. What a year!

I smiled when I noted the date on my phone this morning. 24 December 2020, Christmas eve! The year is almost over. We made it. Even if it was barely- we made it. I crawled to this day but in the grand scheme of things how we got here doesn’t count. All that matters is we are here.

Happy holidays!



umzila kawulandelwa

I tell stories about my experience of being alive. Perpetually day dreaming of reading and writing by the beach