A break from life.

umzila kawulandelwa
2 min readOct 13, 2021

Working from home has changed my life. I no longer need to book leave to go on holiday. I just need WiFi and some quiet and I can work from anywhere. I packed a bag and hopped on a flight on Sunday to go on holiday. I’m still at the coast catching my breath. I was working on Monday, Tuesday and half day today.

At 12pm I immediately logged out of my work laptop. I had been going to the beach during my lunch breaks. A highly recommended stress reliever! But today I didn’t need to be back within an hour. My holiday had officially begun.

I packed my beach bag after work and got on my merry way. There’s nothing like the ocean breeze on a sunny day hey! I sat by the beach just taking it all in. I like to take deep breaths and take the moment in when I’m at the beach. I didn’t have to rush back today cos, leave!

It was marvellous! I got my novel out and started reading it today. I swear my happiest moments in life are those spent either reading or writing by the beach. I love the sound of the ocean, I love the breeze and I love reading and writing. All those things at once make me feel like my life is worth living.

I was smiling like a fool feeling so grateful for the moment. In the evening it started to get chilly so I got back to my hotel room where I managed to finish reading the novel.

My heart is full and I acknowledge my desperate need to stay close to the ocean. I’m trying to take it all in cos next week I’ll be back to a concrete jungle with no beach to sneak out to during lunch.

It’s really not the big things that make my life worth living. Small things like reading by the bench bring me immeasurable joy. Right now, I’m at peace and so happy! My heart is full. I am so grateful that my slice of paradise is well within my reach. At any given point I can pack up and come and say hello to the ocean. How amazing!

A solo traveler 🌞 That’s me! :)

Ha. It feels good to be alive! ☺️



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